1. Purista is rebranding and moving to Tumblr! We have had great a experience on this platform, but can no longer rationalize the cost and need to simplify our blogging processes a bit in order to keep the blog alive while we simultaneously run our business. We thought long and hard about the future of Purista and it is too big of a piece of us to let it go completely. We hope you understand and will follow along enjoying essentially the same content we've always provided here, on Tumblr. The switch will be gradual and all of our archived posts have already been moved over. This space will cease to exist after July 29th, our one year blogaversary. 

2. Due to a stress on time, we now must limit coffee reviews to one coffee per week. We know this is not ideal for either parties, but this is something we really must do to be able to continue providing our readers and reviewees with the best possible experience. With the running of both Purista and our new roasting operation, Terminus, we are pushing harder than ever. All on top of being parents, homeowners, and full-time workers. 

We hope you understand. 

- David & Mae

P.S. Stay tuned for more announcements about Terminus. In the meantime, be sure to follow us!
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one who insists on utmost precision in relation to all things coffee, namely in creating a tradition of unadulterated coffee preparation and culture.

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